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Accounts Payable

Direct Credit processing

Now you can interface BPCS Accounts Payable directly into your favourite Bank’s desktop banking application. Vendor information has been extended to include bank account information, direct credit reference fields, etc. All controlled by Payment Type.

Allows a ‘Direct Credit’ printer (output queue) to be defined separately from the ‘Cheque’ printer (output queue)

Flexible Payment Run Selection options

The standard ‘select by bank’ options have been extended to include payment type and payment terms selections. Making a ‘20th month cheque’ payment run separately from a ‘weekly 7 day direct credit’ payment run becomes a breeze. It also saves processing time and improves payment accuracy.

Automatic Invoice hold in 3 way match, based on variance tolerances

If you are posting invoices using 3 way match, in standard BPCS it is up to the data entry clerk to reject unmatched invoices.

This enhancement allows management to automatically place invoice on hold, based on pre-defined tolerances. Optional tolerances can be specified;

  • by item class
  • using upper and/or lower dollar variance, and/or
  • using upper and/or lower percentage variance against expected costs
  • with their own ‘Hold Reason Codes’

Invoices can then only be released from hold, through the suitably secure Invoice Maintenance program (ACR510)

Three Way Match Enhancements

Makes three way match easier to work with, by;

  • displaying the originating purchasing officer’s name
  • displaying the vendor’s item number, if different from yours (that is what is normally on their invoice!)
  • highlighting purchase order lines that have never had a receipt in red (to distinguish them from ones received to quarantine or returned or credit
  • display the new ‘Purchase order inventory transaction history’ inquiry, so that the Accounts Payable processor can view what has occurred against a particular order or line

Fax, e-mail or print your remittance advices

Distributing remittance advices has never been easier or cheaper. Saves on paper handling, envelope stuffing, postage, pre-printed forms, etc.

Just mark the vendor with their preferred remittance delivery option – fax, e-mail or hard-copy.

From within a single payment run, the system will follow your instructions and send the remittance using the vendor’s preferred option (uses your existing e-mail system, but requires some or all of the Create!™ range of products).

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