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Accounts Receivable

Automatic Account Balance Write-off

Tired of sending out statements to customers where invoices have been short-paid by a few dollars or cents? Tired of having to manually write them off through Cash and Memo Posting?

Now you can automate the write-off, processing, from the menu, or using your favourite job scheduler, or include it in your ‘End of Day/Month’ processing. Specify the upper and lower dollar limits that you want to write off (e.g. less than $10, or more than -$10).

Write-off entries zero down the outstanding balance on the ACR invoices and create sub-system journals just like Cash and Memo Posting (ACR500), but are uniquely identifiable as coming from a write-off.

Use the new ‘ Write-off Company, Profit Centre and/or General Ledger Account’ on the customer type, or use the run-time ‘specific company, profit centre and/or General Ledger account’ option to write off the Accounts Receivable.

Customer Purchase Order Format Definition and Validation

Sick of the customer not paying because there isn’t one of their valid purchase order numbers quoted? Now you can define the expected format of the customer’s purchase order by customer. Format will be validated in Customer Order Entry, Shop Floor Control and in Post-ship Billing.

Reformat and distribute your invoices and statements electronically

Give your customer the option of receiving their invoices as print-outs, faxes or e-mail Adobe Acrobat PDF attachments.

Save on postage handling and pre-printed stationery. All perfectly formatted with forms overlay, Windows fonts, embedded logos, etc. All this without touching a line of BPCS code (requires some or all of the Create!™ range of products).

View, reprint, fax or e-mail your invoices from Account Inquiry

How many times has the customer said ‘I haven’t received the invoice’ when you’re chasing up outstanding receivables using account inquiry.

Now you can simply view, reprint, fax or e-mail the copy invoice to them as you’re speaking to them, from within the Account Inquiry program (ACR300) (uses your existing e-mail system, but requires some or all of the Create!™ range of products).

Consolidated Statements

Would you like to keep customer account balances separately, but still be able to produce a consolidated statement (for the customer’s group head office accounts payable function, for example).

Use the nifty ‘Consolidated statement’ alternative to print consolidated statements for selected customers which forma group.

‘Disputed Invoice’ function

How many times has the customer queried an invoice with you, but that fact hasn’t been remembered or communicated to Credit control by the department to which the customer reported the problem? How many times have you sent out a dunning reminder letter to the customer demanding payment for that same disputed invoice. Or worse yet, the order has been put on credit hold, because the disputed invoice put the customer over their ‘credit days’ credit limit.

Now the invoice can be flagged as ‘under dispute’, with a reason code and date, so that it can be tracked and identified. Disputed invoices are displayed in red in the Account Inquiry (ACR300) program, so that they stand out. Optionally, you can exclude ‘disputed invoices’ at ‘Dunning Letter’ creation time, and in the ‘credit days’ credit hold calculation in Order Entry.

Customer rationalization/renumber function

How often have you realized that you have the same customer under multiple account numbers, but it has been too difficult to change all of the files that are affected.

Now you can renumber accounts comfortably and safely. All receivables, orders, sales history, etc. are properly transferred. Outstanding receivable balances, open order values, etc. are all properly reset. Simple!

Accounts Receivable to General Ledger Batch Number trace-ability

Standard BPCS doesn’t give you any simple ability to balance the sub-system to the General Ledger batches which were created from Billing, Cash Posting, etc.

This enhancement stores the originating General Ledger Batch number (ARnnnn, BLnnnn, etc.) on the audit trails (ACR500, ACR520) and on the Accounts Receivable (RAR) record itself, to simplify the writing of balancing reports.

Bank Deposit Listing

Produce a deposit listing from the day’s cash receipting. Control what prints on the deposit listing, based on a new’ print on deposit listing’ flag on the Payment Type. Consolidates multiple Cash Receipting sessions or users, to produce one report by bank.

Cheque Trace Function

Now you can track which Accounts Receivable invoices were paid by a particular cheque or payment reference number, and against which customer number/s. (only available with the Bank Lodgment function, above)

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