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General Ledger

Period Master Transaction Processing

Add a second 'G/L period open for transaction processing' flag to the Period Master. Allows you to control General Ledger processing and sub-system transaction processing separately. Inventory, Purchasing, Accounts Receivable, etc. check against the new 'Open for transaction processing' flag rather than the standard 'G/L Period Open?' flag, so that you can close transaction processing, but still post manual journals.

Automated Subsystem Interfacing and Journal Posting

Sick of having to manually post each journal, or getting caught out by posting part of an Accounts Payable batch while it is still being processed? Simply use this option, your favourite job scheduling software, or your 'End of Day' routine, to post all sub-system interfaces and manual journals automatically.

Profit Centre and Account Level Security

Do you want to control who can look at which G/L profit centres and account numbers. Extend the standard BPCS company security to include Profit Centre and 'wild card' parts of account numbers too. Now you can let a user interrogate all sales accounts in their particular profit centre, but stop them from interrogating the salaries account, for example.

Print a Trial Balance directly from Account Balance Inquiry

Sick of having to come out of a General Ledger Account Inquiry, then have to go to Trial Balance report, and re-enter the selection to submit a report. Do it directly from the Account balance Inquiry, with a simple '6-Print' action

Better Account Summarization Control

Standard system allows you to summarize journals or accounts, but if the journal source is set to summarize, you can't post a particular account in detail. Now you can mark the account as 'never summarize'! It will always post in detail, regardless of the summarization settings elsewhere.

Sophisticated Report Distribution

Automatically distribute your FRS reports via e-mail, downloaded into your favourite spreadsheet format, as an Adobe format attachment, or as a text attachment Run it once on your AS/400, and distribute it to multiple managers from one FRS run.

No more sensitive financial reports need to be left lying around waiting for your managers to retrieve them before anyone else sees them. Have a full audit trail of who got what reports and when. If they have lost it, resend the FRS report to them, without having to re-run it or go near the AS/400.

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