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Purchase Authorization/Purchasing Officer Enhancements

Add new Purchasing Officer phone number, fax number and e-mail address details. Details are printed on their purchase orders.

Add a new 'Purchasing Officer' printer (output queue), so that each purchasing officer has their purchase orders printed at their unique printer.

Purchase Order Entry/Maintenance Enhancements

Automatically print or reprint purchase orders, using the standard '6-print' action.

Improved lead time violation checks, and 'excessive lead time' checks, to stop data entry errors.

Purchase Order Consolidation / Release Enhancements

Automatically print purchase orders when the consolidation is accepted.

Add a new selection, to allow selection of 'Requisitions', 'Planned Orders', or both.

Fax, Email or Print Purchase Orders

Distributing Purchase Orders has never been easier or cheaper. Saves on paper handling, envelope stuffing, postage, pre-printed forms, etc.

Just mark the vendor with their preferred purchase order delivery option - fax, e-mail or hard-copy.

For each order, the system will follow your instructions and send the purchase order to the vendor using their preferred option (uses your existing e-mail system, but requires some or all of the Create!™ range of products).

Purchase Order Receipting Enhancements

Check the new 'transaction period open' flag , rather than the 'General Ledger Period open' flag, to ensure that transactions aren't receipted into wrong/closed periods

Add a 'display all transactions' option. Quite often when the purchase order has been fully receipted, there may be a need to reverse and correct an entry, or to process a vendor return (negative receipt). Standard BPCS does not allow this to happen, but this allows you to do it.

Automatic Freight Accruals

Automatically accrue 'freight and insurance' at set percentages, when receipting orders from specific vendor types and currencies. Automatically includes the freight accrual provision in weighted average cost calculations, if required.

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