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Overall Usability

Direct access to appropriate menu from sign-on

Don't waste time going through the BPCS sign-on/F14 drama every time you sign on. Let your users go directly to the menu they work with each day when they sign on - credit controllers directly to Accounts Receivable, Accountants directly to General Ledger, etc. There's one for every module.

Profit Centre Security

New functionality has been added to cater for profit centre security. Profit Centres are checked in many places, such as Location Master Maintenance, Accounts Payable Invoice Entry, Order Entry, Post Ship Billing, etc.

Infinitely definable Master file audit trails

Sick of not being able to tell who changed that account description, or summarization option, and how long it has been in that state?

With Cosyn Audit Trail/400 you can define which fields of which file you would like to 'track and trace'. Define how long you want to keep audit trails for, by file name, or overall.

Decent Spool file management

BPCS is notorious for leaving spool files around, especially audit trails. Spool files take up space and while they exist the rest of the AS/400 job data is retained so there are even more resources wasted. With Cosyn Spool Manager/400 you manage spool files completely.

  • Move spool files automatically as they appear to different queues, e.g. all ACR100s to another queue, for later printing
  • Copy spool files to disk (e.g. maybe for microfiching invoices)
  • Delete spool files (e.g. this user, delete all PUR550s after 30 days)
  • And much more

Distribute your reports by E-mail, even in spreadsheet format if you want

Automatically distribute your reports via e-mail, downloaded into your favourite spreadsheet format, as an Adobe format attachment, or as a text attachment Run the report once on your AS/400, and distribute multiple copies from that one run.

No more sensitive financial reports need to be left lying around waiting for your managers to retrieve them before anyone else sees them. Have a full audit trail of who got what reports and when. If they have lost it, resend the report to them, without having to re-run it or go near the AS/400.

This functionality requires Catapult software. If you need to extract and transform spool file data to spreadsheet formats the EZ-Pickins add-in to Catapult is also required.

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