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...with a small 'e' and a big 'Commerce'

In getting BPCS set up for outbound eCommerce (from purchasing), there are a number of issues to consider, like correct pricing of purchase orders. We have done the following Purchasing eCommerce enhancements to assist this:

Automatic Vendor Quote Creation

Standard programs to accept a Vendors price and 'Recommended Retail' file, and load it into the BPCS Quotes file. While doing that, notify the buyer by e-mail of the changes which have occurred (by exception or all changes).

Automatic shutdown of superseded Vendor Quotes

Standard BPCS purchase order pricing takes the most advantageous price across a number of quotes, as long as they fall within the current start and end dates. Most customers load their quotes with an open-ended Effectivity End date.

If the vendors new quote supersedes the old one the old vendor quotes must be shut down. This program automatically does that, by vendor and item class if necessary.

Automatic Standard Cost and List Price Updates

Based on the new vendor quotes you may want to maintain a 'cost plus' selling margin or update your standard costs. This program allows you to do that, based on the desired percentages.

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