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Cosyn Software
EZ-Pickins for IBM AS/400® & iSeries®
Spoolfiles to Spreadsheets

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EZ-Pickins is a powerful PC based Report Mining and Data Extraction Tool that can easily extract data from virtually any computer report generated on AS/400s, Advanced S/36s, S/36s, Mainframes and PCs - without rekeying. Users now have personal control of data to create their own customized analysis, reports, queries, graphs... from company reports by extracting data right on their own PC desktop or laptop.

In minutes, users can also create models over any NEW or EXISTING regularly-received reports (for re-use). A benefit of activating saved models is having data automatically extracted into PC applications, including: Excel, Lotus 1-2-3, dBase, MS-Word, Quattro... and l00's more!

Once you have created and saved your extraction definition you can associate it with Catapult grab and formatting rules, effectively making your spreadsheet delivery 'event driven' and totally automatic.

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