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ProGen WebSmart for AS/400 / iSeries®
Fast Path to Web Enablement

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ProGen WebSmart is a Windows and iSeries-AS/400 based Application Development Tool to develop and deploy sophisticated Web and Wireless apps. Produce and Serve dynamic HTML pages for Internet/Intranet and extranet apps for your clients, employees and vendors.

WebSmart is the next generation development tool built from the ground up specifically for iSeries-AS/400 based Web and Wireless application development, and it’s very easy-to-use.

Unlike slow, retrofitted ‘GUI’ized green screen solutions you may have seen, your apps will be fast and have that clean web look you’ll be proud of.

  • Quickly build robust web and wireless solutions: e.g. Inquiries, Reporting, Order Entry, Product catalogs, Shopping Cart apps, EIS....
  • Build Intranet/Extranet sites so customers, employees and vendors can access iSeries-AS/400 information.
  • Complete, portable PC-based design tool. Review web page segments before deploying
  • Utilizes iSeries-AS/400 database and security features for scalability and reliability.
  • Construct graphically rich pages with any third party, or WebSmart web page editor.
  • Seamlessly integrate dynamically generated HTML data and forms in existing pages.
  • Use and modify any of the many provided templates or build your own.
  • Technology supports SQL, HTML, WML, WAP, HDML, XML, and more.
  • Easy-to-use, requires little or no Web or iSeries-AS/400 programming and it’s affordably priced to fit your budget.
  • Price includes unlimited developers & end-users.

The design tool is a Windows 32-bit application that accesses your iSeries - AS/400 database to retrieve and maintain file layouts and relations. It uses several concepts familiar to ProGen Plus users, to simplify the learning process. The design tool allows you to write HTML snippets, drag and drop program components and integrate them with HTML. A preview button allows you to see a prototype of the web page as it will appear to users. No programming knowledge of CGI scripts or ILE RPG is required. Rudimentary knowledge of HTML coding is required. The program definitions produced by the design tool are stored as simple text files on any PC directory.

At run-time, users access a web address that contains the name of the generated CGI program. This can be done either by directly typing the web address, or accessing it from a 'front-end' web page. The program then serves the page, by dynamically and seamlessly integrating iSeries - AS/400 data with pre-defined HTML. Programs can be linked together to build complete applications, and support parameter passing via standard web browser facilities.

Run-time system requirements

End user must have a browser (such as Netscape or Internet Explorer). This can be on any platform - e.g. Windows, Unix Mac, Linux, NC. The host iSeries - AS/400 must have TCP/IP services configured and active, with the standard OS/400 HTTP server configured and active.


ProGen WebSmart is supported by standard HTTP server security features on the iSeries - AS/400 that are as robust as native OS/400 security, to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive web pages. ProGen WebSmart includes a tutorial for configuring the web server to accept requests from web browsers to be served by CGI programs, and for implementing security.

Sounds interesting?
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