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Cosyn Spool Manager for IBM AS/400® & iSeries®
Total Spool Control External to your Applications

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Spool Manager/400 is the external spool management solution that complements any ERP system. Spool Manager/400 eliminates any need for spool handling modifications within your applications.

Application and user setup can be greatly simplified and spool control progressively centralized. Just send all your ERP output to output queues monitored by the Spool Manager/400 server. Then set up the default and explicit handling entries within Spool Manager/400 to manage all spool traffic on your system dynamically.

When a spooler arrives on any monitored queue Spool Manager/400 applies your directives to it. These could include redirecting to a printer queue, changing attributes, duplicating to another queue, in fact any number of transformations you wish to perform on the basic output.

With all your spool file handling in one place application code can be progressively returned to vanilla, or local modifications simply not reapplied to the next release of your ERP software. The correct handling for new spool files can be added quickly, user requests for spool redirection reduced and ongoing user and operator training eliminated.

Provides total external automatic control of spool files
Handles spool files by user / user group, filename, job name or any combination
Performs real time redirection of spool files to production output queues
Makes attribute changes in real time
Can trigger program calls, execute any OS/400 command
Independent from but works with any application
HTML output for archiving to optical drives and web browser viewing
You can delete nuisance output immediately
Eliminates manual intervention and code changes
Perform bulk sort / print and purge across multiple output queues
SAA/CUA compliant user interface
Comprehensive online help and manual
Works well in conjunction with any client-side forms management solution

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