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Cosyn Audit Trail/400
Dynamic, Application Independent Audit Tracking of database changes down to Field Level. Audit Trail/400 makes tracking changes to your iSeries and AS/400 database simple. Create, manage and interrogate electronic audit trails in minutes - not days, without expensive programming, and without journaling.

Cosyn Powerpage/400
Paging/SMS + Operations Automation for IBM AS/400® and iSeries®

Cosyn Spool Manager/400
Spool Automation for the IBM AS/400® and iSeries®

BCD Products
Award winning products from BCD Software including ProGen WebSmart, Catapult and EZ-Pickins

Q4BIS Business Intelligence
OLAP Reporting and Analysis tool for today's Business Leaders. Q4bis provide a range of EIS products that fulfil all your business intelligence requirements.

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