The Ultimate Guide to Credit Management Software tells you everything you wish to know about credit management software and how it can help you achieve your goals.

  • What credit management software is
  • How to build your business case
  • How your business gets maximum value
  • ….and much more!

Daily measurements from your credit management environment, showing the financial health of your receivables portfolio and how your team is performing against their targets, are essential in order to stay on track with your ambitious plans.

At OnGuard we know how important measurements and the resulting insights are to our customers. We have built calculations and metrics into our software which every credit manager should know and have available within the click of a button.

Current circumstances in the business in which we operate ask for constant improvement in both efficiency and effectiveness. So with low risk: no action. And if the risk goes up? Take the right action by the right person at the right time!

Start today! Consider not taking action more often and achieve more by dividing the energy and resources that you are investing into your credit management smarter.

Any time not spent communicating with your customers in credit management is not adding value to your business. Here are 7 reasons why direct customer contact is the better way to achieve results within credit management.

Achieve more with your credit management? Here are 10 tips!

Credit management has moved up the agenda in many organisations over the past years. And rightly so, because a lot can be achieved with well-structured credit management. Credit management is much more than making sure that your customers pay on time. Analyses of payment risks, identifying payment problems, monitoring of operational processes and deploying your credit management policies across your organisation are all important components.

This paper will give you an overview of the variety of sources that are available and possible approaches that you can choose to help you construct your own crystal ball of credit management.

The true success of your credit management lies in your policies and the way you carry them out. The right technology, however, not only makes your life as a credit manager much easier but can accelerate and improve results.

When it comes to maximising the value to be gained from a credit management system, you need to make right decisions not just for today, but for the future of your organisation.

Choosing credit management software comes down to a simple question: is it enough just to be "good enough"? Download our whitepaper to find out the 4 main pitfalls when you settle for "good enough".

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