Successful credit management is fundamentally about increasing the predictability and reducing the risk associated with your cash-flow. The challenge is to find the right strategy to achieve your goals with a justifiable investment.

Whilst searching for the perfect strategy, you can find yourself stuck between two extremes: sophisticated and highly structured dunning in an attempt to minimise risk of late payment and write-offs or focus on the relationship with your client, by applying intimate strategy.

OnGuard’s Credit Management solution means all customer interactions are tracked and followed up, meaning you never drop the ball!

As a result OnGuard Credit management software improves your relationships with your customers by being ‘easy to do business with’ and customers have faith that you will follow through when queries are raised.

Connect & Involve

We live in a connected world where distances and time zones no longer limit our options for communicating and sharing information. This affects the way we do business: it offers great and almost unlimited opportunities. The technology is here; how will you engage it? Where can you improve?

OnGuard’s software and services enable you to involve your credit management team, your organisation and your customers in your credit management process no matter where they are located around the globe. Ensuring that the right action is taking by the right person at the right time. Connecting and involving all participants in the order-to-cash process increases transparency and saves valuable time, resulting in stronger relationships and faster payment of your invoices.

Your credit management team

Significantly increase the time available for your highest priority activities and increase your level of contact with your valuable customers by reducing the time spent on administrative tasks that are not adding value.

Your organisation

Increase the quality of your credit management process and business efficiency by involving your organisation. Allow not only your credit manager, but also sales, logistics, general management and other roles within your organisation easy access to information and start saving valuable time and improving your results.

Your customers

Stimulate a positive dialogue with your customers and simplify communication with your (key) accounts. Give your customers the ultimate response to their needs by offering them access to designated invoice information.

Integrated Accounts Receivables

Credit management is all about money and customers. The two essential elements of a healthy continuation of the customer life cycle. Integrating your accounts receivables operations will enable you to achieve faster payment of your invoices, save time in you invoices, save time in your processes plus the benefits of improved insight into customer behaviour.

By sharing critical information in real-time and creating a single view of the customer and their payments across all of your credit management processes, you can avoid redundant work and troubling your customer with unnecessary communication.

Some of OnGuard's many clients include: