Successful credit management is fundamentally about increasing the predictability and reducing the risk associated with your cash-flow. The challenge is to find the right strategy to achieve your goals with a justifiable investment.

How often have your customers rung you to ask for copies of emails, or missed a payment because they have not received an invoice. OnGuard sends emails at multiple points in times. With Secure Smart email, the emails become a mini-portal to the customers' outstanding debt.

OnGuard Connext software delivers complete management and visibility of your Credit Collection functions. It is available as an on-premise or cloud-based solution. OnGuard integrates into any ERP system, and extends it to give you ‘best of breed’ credit collection capabilities.

OnGuard Cash Allocation software is an extension of the OnGuard Credit Management solution. It allows the automated posting of cash directly from your bank statements to the customer and invoices that are being paid. OnGuard Cash allocation will then export the cash allocation details to your ERP for process completion. 

Some of OnGuard's many clients include: