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ALcontrol Laboratories’ aim is to provide the very best Environmental and Food testing so that customers have the confidence to act on their results. ALcontrol applies a simple approach to testing: they use their expertise and experience to rapidly deliver reliable results so their customers waste little time waiting and interpreting their findings - just acting on them.

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Applied Medical is a rapidly growing, global organisation with over 2,600 team members, founded in 1987 and headquartered in Southern California active in more than 75 countries. Applied Medical is a leading provider of breakthrough technologies for Minimal Invasive and General Surgery.

customer success story

Athlon Car Lease is undergoing a sustained period of growth and internal transformation and thus evaluating the technology employed across its operations. OnGuard has proven to be effective in delivering business benefits and real return on investment for years in the Dutch head office. Today it has therefore been implemented to five other countries and preparing more global divisions to follow.


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